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If the UK leave the EU without a deal and EU Settlement Scheme

Small Businesses and Accountants need to be aware of If the UK leave the EU without a deal. HMRC has presented a scheme called EU settlement Scheme and UK employers may want to communicate with their EU staff about the EU Settlement Scheme.

We know we all busy, here are the high-points:

If you have employees that work in the EU, the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland there are actions you need to take around social security contributions. There is a possibility that your employee may have to pay social security contributions both here in the UK and in the country in which they work. HMRC have new guidance available to help you understand this so check it out.

If your business trades exclusively with the EU then there would be immediate changes to the way you import or export. There are things that you can do now to prepare and the first of these is registering for a UK Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number. It takes less than 10 minutes and more information available on HMRC website to explain how to do it.

The government has also made £8m available to customs intermediaries and small businesses who would need to complete their own customs declarations. HMRC will give you more details about grants that are available for IT and training so keep an eye on.

If you employ people from the EU then there is an update on the government’s settlement scheme.

If you use chemicals in your work then you have an update from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

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Our aim is to give you clear, consistent and timely information which helps you to meet your payroll obligations to HMRC. If you have any questions about it:

By law, the total minimum contributions you must pay into their staff’s workplace pension schemes increase on 6 April 2019. Your need to be ready for this increase, to make sure they’re paying the correct amounts into their staff’s schemes.

HMRC | EU Settlement Scheme

Given the valuable contribution EU citizens make to small businesses and organisations across the UK, employers may want to communicate with their EU staff about the EU Settlement Scheme.

In advance of the UK’s exit from the EU, the UK government has committed to protect the rights of EU citizens and their family members currently living in the UK. This includes the right to live, work and study here, with continued access to public services such as healthcare and schools, and access to public funds such as pensions and benefits. To retain these rights after 31 December 2020, EU citizens need to apply for a UK immigration status under the EU Settlement Scheme.

The EU Settlement Scheme provides a simple and straightforward process for EU citizens and their family members who want to stay in the UK to get the UK immigration status they need. They will only need to complete three key steps – prove their identity, show that they live in the UK, and declare any criminal convictions.

Applications to the Scheme are free and are made via a short online application process.

The EU Settlement Scheme is now fully open.

Now that the Scheme is opening fully, there are different routes available for applicants to have their identity documents checked, as part of their application. These include scanning identity documents using an Android phone, visiting one of our many ID verification locations across the country or sending documents by post.

What does the EU Settlement Scheme by HMRC mean for employers?

Employers are under no obligation to take any action regarding the EU Settlement Scheme. However, given the importance of EU citizens to many organisations and the valuable contribution they make to diverse workplaces, many employers will want to

offer their EU colleagues reassurance and support. To help with this, the Home Office has produced a communications toolkit for employers which you can download on GOV.UK. You may wish to signpost the application process or encourage EU staff to apply.

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Sources: HMRC Employer Bulletin 
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