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Leeds Small Business Grant

Leeds Small Business Grant

The government is supporting small and medium businesses with a number of measures.: Leeds Small Business Grant


A £10,000 cash grant will be available to small businesses that:

  • pay little or no business rates
  • are eligible for small business rate relief or rural rate relief

You do not need to apply for the grant, for Leeds Small Business Grant.

If you are eligible we will contact you in early April when funding becomes available. 

If you’d prefer to receive the payment via BACS payment rather than a cheque, please provide your bank details through the Small Business Grant Payments form below.


Leeds Small Business Grant

If your business has been affected by COVID-19 and you believe you are eligible for the grant and you prefer to receive the payment via BACS transfer rather than a cheque please provide your bank details by clicking ‘Start now’ below.

To complete the form you will need:

  • a business rates reference number of your company
  • a name on a non-domestic rates account for your business
  • bank account details for your business
  • a company registration number

To Complete Leeds Small Business Grant. This could take you around 10 minutes to complete.

Please refer to the online guidance for details.

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