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Restart Grants for Businesses

Restart grants for businesses

Restart grants for businesses

Businesses reopening after the coronavirus lockdown can apply online for Restart grants for businesses

This grant is designed to help businesses in:

  • non-essential retail
  • hospitality
  • leisure
  • personal care
  • accommodation
  • gym and sport

Check which types of businesses are in each of these categories.

How much you will get

When you apply, the online form will tell you how much you’ll get based on the answers you give.

You could get:

  • a one-off grant of between £2,667 and £6,000 if you are a non-essential retail business
  • a one-off grant of between £8,000 and £18,000 if you are a hospitality, accommodation, leisure, personal care, gym or sport business

If you’re unsure, you can check which category your business belongs to.


To be eligible for this grant, you must:

Your business cannot qualify if:

  • it was in administration, insolvent or a striking off order was in place when the lockdown started
  • you have reached the subsidy allowance limit (previously known as state aid)

Find out more about the subsidy allowance limit on GOV.UKExternal link.


How to apply

You will need:

  • the name and reference number for your business rates account (also known as non domestic rates)
  • either your company registration number, VAT registration number, or National Insurance number
  • your business bank account details
  • a scan or photo of your most recent bank statement
  • a scan or photo of your passport or driving licence



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